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    The Definitive Guide To Sound Wave Art

    June 28, 2022

    The Definitive Guide To Sound Wave Art

    Soundwave Art

    Would you love to create your own sound wave art? Sound wave art is the process of converting the unique audio signals from a recording (e.g. a meaningful song or loved ones voice) into a beautiful visual representation of the sound. That design then goes to print to produce a piece of art you can be proud to hang on your wall at home.

    Example Sound Wave Images

    Since sound isn't something that we can see people have long searched for ways to turn any song or sounds into a series of sound waves that look amazing and artistic. This process transforms the sounds into a format that really brings them to life.

    What are sound waves?

    Sound waves are essentially disturbances caused by the movement of energy. Audio waves are created by vibrations and produce waves.

    The strength and intensity of each sound wave (the loudness) is referred to as the amplitude.

    When you see a visual representation of a sound or piece of music what you're actually looking at are the amplitude values plotted on a graph over time.

    What types of soundwave art are there?

    There are two main types: those that convert songs into art and those that convert audio recording (e.g. voice clips).

    Artists can take these sound files and convert them into a beautiful piece of personalized art that will look perfect on any wall inside your home.

    Special Occasions

    If you're searching for a unique piece of personalized art then the search ends here.


    These visual representations can then be printed and transformed into a truly unique gift. Sound wave art can make a great gift for many occasions, especially weddings, for example transforming a wedding song or wedding vows into sound wave art.

    Sound Wave Art Wedding Gifts - The Perfect Personalized Gift

    If you're looking for a special print that's both personalized and meaningful then sound wave art is what you've been searching for. Each art piece can often be fully customized to match the color and style you prefer, making them perfect when displayed publicly in the home.


    Sound wave art makes the perfect anniversary gift. You can re-record your wedding vows or transform the song to your first dance into a beautiful fine art print. This is an especially apt gift for a paper anniversary celebration, given the print nature of the artwork.

    Anniversary Gifts: Best Wedding/Marriage Anniversary Gift Online India


    Sound wave art makes an amazing birthday gift. Does somebody have a favorite song or band? Do they sing or play an instrument? Do they have a song that means something special to them? All of these can be converted into a beautiful print that will enhance any house or home.

    48 Birthday Gift Ideas For Anyone on Your List | The Dating Divas

    Mother's Day

    Sound wave art makes a great gift for any Mom. You can take any audio file (e.g her favorite song) and convert it into a special piece of art. To create a really unique piece you can choose from multiple colors and customize the art in her favorite color before sending it to print.

    How Lockdowns Have Helped Improve Some Mother-Daughter Relationships

    Father's Day

    Sound wave art is an equally great gift for the Fathers out there. You can create a beautiful piece of soundwave art using his favourite music and then print and ship it before Father's Day. Modern soundwave prints have exceptional quality and make an amazing present.

    Everything You Need To Know About Father's Day – Father's Day History &  Interesting Facts

    Baby Shower

    What's better than turning your baby's voice (or cute giggle) into a personalized momento you can cherish forever? It's the perfect gift for any new Mum that wants a permanent reminder of the joy that was brought into their lives.

    Looking for a really unique idea? Record your baby's heartbeat using your smartphone and transform the sound recording into the most beautiful and loving gift a Mother could ever receive.

    Baby Heartbeat Sonogram Sound Wave Print – Mucka Studio


    Where for art thou Romeo? How about the song that you fell in love to? The song that played on the radio the night you drove through the rain. Your future wedding song?

    Or even a voice recording of the words "I love you", there are endless possibilities and you're bound to find a way to express love for your significant other through soundwave art.

    Amazon.com: Visible Voice Soundwave Art | I Love You Gift for Him| Second  Anniversary Gift | Personalized Valentines Day Gift | First Anniversary  Gift | Sound Wave Art : Handmade Products

    Turn Your Favorite Song Into Sound Wave Art

    Have you ever wondered how you can memorialize a song that really means something to you or somebody special? It genuinely makes the perfect art piece, a custom picture or canvas that you can hang up on your wall for years to come.

    How to create your own sound wave art

    There are so many options when it comes to choosing soundwave art. A song or a voice clip? Which song or artist? Do you want to print it?

    Should it be framed? On canvas? What size or dimension? Is it for yourself or a loved one? Can you listen to the artwork or play it back?

    Does the soundwave artist live locally or do you need a company that ships around the world? Can you upload your own audio files? Does it come with a free preview before you purchase? There are literally an endless number of things to consider.

    Waveable - The World's Best Soundwave Generator

    Luckily here at Waveable we make the whole process extremely simple. You can search a database containing over 70M songs or upload an existing voice clip directly from your mobile phone. Don't have one available?

    ecord one directly from our website and we'll convert any sound that you give us into a beautiful piece of art automatically in seconds.

    We have thousands of customer reviews and have customers all over the world. You can fully customize the color and style of every piece inside our website, which makes designing the perfect gift incredibly easy, fast and hassle-free. Our customers love how simple it is.

    Better still we provide free tracked shipping on all orders and ship to over 40 different countries. Whether you want framed print, canvas, song art, voice art or something else we've got you completely covered.

    The quality of our prints is exceptional and we use 250gsm, thick, matte paper with only the highest quality archival inks. We offer a fully money back guarantee on all our products.

    You can see a live preview of your design instantly without having to wait for days or weeks for an artist to manually create your design.

    Every one of our prints radiate vivid color and exceptional detail. Each one comes with a hand assembled wooden frame to give them the presentation they truly deserve.

    Rachelle, UK - Waveable Customer

    We're currently offering a full 20% off all orders when you use code TWENTY at checkout. This limited offer expires soon so if you've got a special occasion in mind and want to buy them something special, personalized and unique, then there's no better time!

    Michael Carthy
    Michael Carthy

    Hey I'm Mike! I founded Waveable to help people create stylish pieces that really stand out among the boring mass-produced prints that everybody so commonly purchases today. We spent nearly two years developing proprietary software capable of converting any song on the planet into the elegant and sophisticated products you see on our store. Since then we've served over 42,000 customers in 43 countries and continue to be humbled each day at how much our customers love our art.

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