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    Our Story

    We help people to create stylish pieces that really stand out among the boring mass-produced prints that everybody so commonly purchases today. 

    We spent nearly two years developing proprietary software capable of converting any song on the planet into the elegant and sophisticated products you see on our store.

    Since then we've served over 61,000 customers in 43 countries around the world and continue to be humbled each day at how much our customers love our art.

    Each one of our pieces is as unique as a human voice, since the extracted soundwaves perfectly trace the exact amplitude of every song.

    These waves are then rendered on canvas in a range of dynamic and aesthetically sublime colors, producing radiant designs with unrivaled quality.

    All works are printed on premium matte, thick, durable and acid-free museum quality archival paper (250gsm) and come with a lifetime guarantee.

    I believe that an individuals taste in music and interior decor speak volumes about their identity, values, culture and heritage.

    We strive for every piece to serve as visual ambassador of this unique identity and to make a statement that emboldens those values.

    Mike Carthy - Founder, Waveable